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​Things to consider before implementing ABW to your office

Blog post   •   Feb 22, 2017 09:57 GMT

Get your employees involved in the process from the start

Activity-based working is trending right now and more and more companies are considering to implement it to their offices. However, before you jump into conclusion, thinking that ABW would increase office flow, do the groundwork rigorously. Here is a checklist of what you need to think about before implementing ABW.

Why should your company implement ABW?
Activity-based working has many benefits in terms of boosting employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as lowering fixed office costs. However, before you decide to adapt ABW, make sure that your decision to change will favor the company’s long-term objectives. Do you want to increase collaboration? Boost staff wellbeing? Or lower costs? Whatever reason, make sure that you look into the financial effects, as well as your staff’s needs – this in order to prevent office friction, potential damage on employee value proposition or increased costs.

Is the management onboard?
To change operation method is not a walk in the park because old habits rarely die. Apart from hard work, you need support from the top management. The new culture needs to be adapted by executives who should lead by example. Without their determination to change, it will be tough to implement ABW successfully in the rest of the cooperation.

Do you have the right technology?
ABW increases flexibility and mobility, so it is vital that you match the new employee behavior with supportive hardware and software solutions. For your colleagues to easily collaborate and find their way in the new office, Flowscape has developed a positioning technology that minimizes unnecessary friction caused by time-wasting situations at the office. Read more here.

Who will be in charge for the change?
Great technology and creative work environments that support employees’ needs – whether they want to complete a report in silence or have a creative brainstorming session – are all useless unless the staff adapts the new way of working. Make sure that you have a designated ABW team of experts, who sets up a long-term implementation plan. The plan should cover everything from internal communication goals to methods of operation - all in favor to prevent unnecessary friction.

Have you done the research?
To create a beneficial ABW-environment that suits your company, forces you to do som serious research. Let your employees get involved in the process from the start to discover potential ideas and challenges, as well as needs and behaviors. One option is to set up a working pilot space, where your employees can try different environments, technologies and behaviors. This enables you to discover what flow means for your employees  - this in order to create the best suitable office lifestyle, unique for your company! 

Good luck!

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