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What is flow to you?

Blog post   •   Feb 23, 2017 14:00 GMT

The flow wall at Flowscape's office

This is what greets you when entering Flowscape’s office in Stockholm. 

We are curious as to what flow means for different people. When visiting us you are therefore asked to write your opinion on our wall - no matter if you are an employee, partner, customer or child. This reminds us that everybody is different, and inspires us to carry on with our quest of transforming friction into flow!

What does flow mean to you?

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We are the modern office flowmakers!

Flowscape is align with its mission “We are the modern office flow makers”, making employees around the world love working in modern offices, by offering a state of the art positioning technology that reduces time wasting and tears down barriers for interaction and productivity among colleagues.

We swear our allegiance to the notion of free movement, flowing communication and total accessibility that derives from working close together. This is why we get up in the morning. Do you want join the quest?

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