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The grandness of the Flowmap

News   •   Sep 13, 2017 12:44 BST

Employees can easily view several office floors with the Flowmap

The Flowmap is our main feature. Today it makes life easier for thousands of employees at Ericsson, Telia, Tele2 and the other 60 european customers we serve.This high end digital replica of the office gives an overall perspective of the workplace and makes it possible to spot colleagues, work spaces, meeting rooms and vital office equipment. The grandness of the map is the way it reduces time wasting and tears down barriers for interaction and productivity among colleagues.

The easy accessed map is a valuable tool for your everyday life at the office. Why? Let´s look inside the hood and discover the practical use of it. 

Find colleagues

Flowmap and the feature Colleague finder provides real-time data of your colleagues’ positions. You can see a constant flow of co-workers moving around within office walls, saving you both time and energy trying to find somebody for a quick question. But, for integrity reasons there is always an option to switch to invisible modeRead about indoor positioning benefits for employees here.

Find office equipment

Printers, scanners, fire extinguishers or whiteboards can sometimes be hard to locate in a large office. These are however easy to find on the Flowmap. Just spot the symbols in the landscape or search for them using the search filter. If you encounter equipment that happens to be broken, you can report it through the feature Housekeeper. This will instantly generate a warning symbol that is visible for your co-workers, as well as a notification to the janitor. 

View available meeting rooms

Finding and booking an available conference room for a meeting has never been easier. The Flowmap displays taken rooms in red, available in green and occupied but not booked ones in yellow. Book a room with a click on the map and it is yours. If you are not familiar with the office, a wayfinder will guide you all the way to the chosen destination.

View several floors

The Flowmap allows you to view several floors of your office. This way you are provided with an overall picture of the office with colleagues, desks, meeting rooms and equipment.

Chose a busy or calm area and reserve your desk

Since the Flowmap generates real-time data, you will always get insights of the occupancy in each zone in the office. If you have to focus on a deadline that is coming up, you might want to work in a calmer area. If you have a creative task to brainstorm around, you might choose a zone where there will be more people to collaborate with. And with a single click you reserve your desk until you get there. 

The occupancy- and movement data is also retreieved and stored into our feature Flowmanager where you can analyse it to optimize the office. Read our article about occupancy statistics here.

Flowmap can be viewed on office billboards, on the computer or in your smartphone on the go.

Where do you meet the Flowmap?

The Flowmap can be viewed from a wide range of devices: smart phones, PCs, large billboard screens and any other device with a web browser. Chosing devices is part of an installation process and depends on how your employees work today and how you want them to work in the future. 

Curious to see how your company can benefit from using the Flowmap? 

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